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Ahaha my roommate, @darthjuls, just send me this. I just had to post it!! Happy Birthday to all the lovely #Aquarius. We’re some pretty rad ppl 😄😁 #keepcalm #instagood #january & #february #teamaquarius @miguelyvonn @santavszombies @kristinichole3 @damianestrada @cobian2890 @johnny_table @missbeks_89 & anyone I missed :)

“Physical Appearance Aquarius Female The typical Aquarius woman: * may have broad shoulders * has a large bone structure * has a long neck * ignores feminine conventions, but always dresses in such a way that she looks stunning Behavior and Personality Traits * has a wide circle of friends from all walks of life * is concerned about and deeply involved in the community * is adept at getting people to settle feuds * can be totally unpredictable * has a wide variety of interests and a mind of her own * will have a basic lack of self-confidence * can be easygoing and accepts the many differences among people 17 hours ago 7 notes”

Aquarius signs are Independent, Open Minded, Intellectual, Honest, Loyal and Original. Give this greeting card to them http://etsy.me/RRZxse